Hall of Fame

AuckLAN 7

Hearthstone (1st): Bryce Booth - T-shirt, Rival 100 mouse and Siberia 200 headset thanks to SteelSeries
Hearthstone (2nd): Lance Navarro - T-shirt, Qck mousepad, Rival 100 mouse thanks to SteelSeries

CS:GO (1st): Team QQ - 5 x $25 PlayTech vouchers, 5 x Qck mousepads, 5 x T-shirts thanks to SteelSeries and Playtech
CS:GO (2nd): Team Autistic Janitors - 5 x $15 PlayTech vouchers, 5 x T-shirts thanks to SteelSeries and Playtech

Blur (1st): Kevin Walker - T-shirt and Wifi Range Extender thanks to SteelSeries and Netgear​
Blur (2nd): Bryce Booth - T-shirt and Wireless AC Router thanks to SteelSeries and Netgear​


FPS Marathon (1st): Opiate (Netgear R8000 X6 router)
FPS Marathon (2nd): iRud ($40 PlayTech vouchers)

nzGN Blur (1st): Opiate (Free entry to AL7)
nzGN Blur (2nd): iRud (12 Red Bull cans)

APoG DOTA2 (1st): Xander (Netgear Wifi Range Extender)
APoG DOTA2 (2nd): WarFear ($40 PlayTech vouchers)

APoG Hearthstone (1st): Xander (Logitech Speakers)
APoG Hearthstone (2nd): RoadKill (12 Redbull cans)

Oceanic Gaming League of Legends (1st): Odin ($60 PlayTech vouchers)
Oceanic Gaming League of Legends (2nd): Xander (12 Red Bull cans)

Well placed overall Danielle ($60 PlayTech vouchers)
Well placed overall Avril (free entry to AL7)

AuckLAN 6

LiveWire Games & Standing Fierce Xbox360 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition:Jarrett 'Waza' Remeka (Razer Atrox Fighting Stick)
LiveWire Games & Standing Fierce Xbox360 Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:Mason 'Massi4h' Maddox (Razer Atrox Fighting Stick)

PB Tech Battlefield 4 - 4v4: Massey Uni team: NZ Nobody, NSBOA, Greg & whirlwind ($400 PB Tech vouchers)

NetGear Quake Live: Traits (Netgear ReadyNaS RN10221D with 2 x 1TB drives)

nzGN FPS Marathon (1st): Meat ($200 PB Tech voucher)
nzGN FPS Marathon (2nd): massi4h (500GB Seagate external drive & SteelSeries keyboard bag)

EasyDesigns AudioSurf (1st): NZ Nobody ($200 PB Tech voucher)
EasyDesigns AudioSurf (2nd): Sqweeky evil (SteelSeries Keyboard bag)

Battleops Playstation 3 & 4 Call of Duty: wpnx: juggernaut, sabertooth & Agent_Zero ($600 PB Tech vouchers)

AuckLAN 5

NZGL BF3 4v4 Squad Rush: Infinity (Kingston V300 120GB SSDs each)

Tt eSPORTS DOTA 2 5v5: Masters of the Universe (Tt eSPORTS Saphira Gaming Mouse each)

Seagate AudioSurf Challenge (1st): Confusis (Seagate USB3.0 2.5" 1TB Portable Drive)
Seagate AudioSurf Challenge: (2nd): Ruski (Seagate USB3.0 2.5" 500GB Portable Drive)

RoadKill BeerPong (1st): The Wizard and Dr. Zoidberg (a bunch of tasty beers)
RoadKill BeerPong (2nd): HOSS and James the cable crimper (more beer)

SFFReview Minecraft Creative Build: Scyan (Custom built Aywun A1-1001 ITX case, Heavily modified. See the build thread for more details)

EasyWeb Trackmania Lap Time: Fluff (Limited Edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 controller and Microsoft X6 Sidewinder Gaming Mouse)

DrayTek GRiD: Ra1nm4n (DrayTek Vigor 2760N ADSL/VDSL Router)

nzGN FPS Marathon (1st): AceKombatKiwi (Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Gaming Mouse and Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard)
nzGN FPS Marathon (2nd): RoadKill (Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard)

BattleOps PS3 Challenger series (1st): KRAZYSAMOAN ($100 cash)
BattleOps PS3 Challenger series (Admin winner): Hartless (won his entry fee to the event back)

AuckLAN 4

nzGN FPS Marathon (1st): Black_Sheep (CoolerMaster Sirius 5 Gaming Headset and Borderlands Tshirt)
nzGN FPS Marathon (2nd): tG-Scripture (TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Adapter)
nzGN FPS Marathon (3rd): PyroGhozt (Silicon Power 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive)

EasyPC/EasyWeb Blur (1st): Miki/Snapsaurs (Wireless Xbox controller for Windows and Apacer 16GB Flash Drive)
EasyPC/EasyWeb Blur (2nd): tG-Scripture (Wireless Xbox controller for Windows)
EasyPC/EasyWeb Blur (3rd): sl4yer (Logitech C270 720p webcam)

1337.net.nz Minecraft Build Competition: Confusis (Won a copy of Unreal Tournament 3)

1337.net.nz Trackmania Lap time (1st): Black_Sheep (a copy of GRID 2)
1337.net.nz Trackmania Lap time (2nd): Mongolian (a copy of Trackmania Stadium)

BattleOps.co.nz Black Ops 2 S&D; 3v3 (PC): Threat Gaming: tG-Scripture, tG-Evo & PyroGhozt (each won a $50 EB Games voucher)

AuckLAN 3

EasyPC GRiD: Mongolian (Battlefield 3 cap)
nzGN FPS Marathon (1st): Black_Sheep (1.5TB drive)
nzGN FPS Marathon (2nd): Trixsta (16GB flash drive)

AuckLAN 2

Tournaments Unknown

Sambridg (free entry to AL3)
Mongolian (free entry to AL3)
MajorBrainDamage (free entry to AL3)
CaptMidnight (free entry to AL3)