Frequently asked questions

Equipment / General

1. Do you have equipment I can use?

Our events are BYOPC (or console) and accordingly your ticket does not include use of equipment. However, from time-to-time we may have loan computers from sponsors or spare equipment which we can lend out. Ask Alex/Hoss if you need something and he will see what is possible.

2. Do I need a network cable?

No we will provide you with an ethernet cable to your seat.

3. Parking my motor vehicle?

Please see the Venue section of our About page, to see our suggested plan of attack.

4. What size monitor/TV am i allowed?

32" is the maximum allowed. You may bring dual screens up to 24" each, but you will have limited space to fit them in (half a table width = 71.5cm to work with).

5. Is the venue open and accessible 24 hours?

Yes. There will always be an admin on-site and awake, as well as CCTV operating the whole time. We do encourage you to take your smaller peripherals with you if you depart the venue.

6. May I bring a server?

Yes. We encourage participants to do so. No additional fee is required, however there is a maximum of one server per attendee.

7. Is food provided?

No, from time to time we may do a pizza run or similar.

Financial / Ticketing

1. How much are tickets?

$35 earlybird online
$40 full price online
$50 on the door, cash

2. When do online ticket sales close?

Three working days prior to the event. This provides us sufficient time to prepare infrastructure for an estimated number of attendees.

3. What are your bank account details?

12 3010 0119594 00
ASB Bank


1. Age restriction

18 years or over. Our events usually include onsite consumption of Alcohol. The only exception to this would be if a parent attends with their child and signs a form ensuring their responsibility of the child as their legal guardian.

2. Refunds

Should the event be cancelled for whatever reason, AuckLAN management may issue a refund of tickets.

3. Alcohol consumption

BYO events - Attendees over 18 may bring alcohol into the venue and consume it. Visitors/Spectators cannot bring or consume alcohol.
Licensed events - Anyone over 18 may enter the venue and consume alcohol purchased from the bar. BYO alcohol is not allowed and no alcohol may be taken off the premises.
Alcohol-free events - No alcohol may be brought in or consumed.
Anyone who is found to be excessively intoxicated or who's behaviour affects the event infastructure or other attendees will be asked to leave and may be banned from future events.

4. Speakers

All attendees must use Headphones. No external sound devices may be used.

5. Drugs

Illegal drugs or unprescribed prescription drugs are explicitly banned from the event and all areas of the venue. Anyone found to be in posession of these drugs or affected by them will be ejected from the venue and most likely banned from future events.

6. Smoking

Smoking is allowed in the designated areas only. Please dispose of your cigarette butts thoughtfully.

7. Pornography

No pornography is allowed to be displayed on any device at anytime during the event.

8. Cheating/Hacking

Anyone found to be cheating, hacking or negatively affecting any of the LAN infrastructure including but not limited to power, network and internet or any other users hardware will be ejected and most likely banned from future events.

9. Illegal Content

AuckLAN event organisers and the AuckLAN entity hold no responsibility for the illegal sharing of files, use of cracked software, pornographic images and video, or viruses. By registering to our event, you are agreeing not to bring any such content. This indemnifies us against the laws relating to such content and any actions contrary to these laws is the sole responsibility of the person contradicting them.

10. Your area

Please keep it tidy, be courteous to whoever is sitting next to you and maintain a reasonable standard of behaviour (minimise your swearing and profanity, don't be overly loud or abusive). Racism is completely unacceptable.
NOTE: We reserve the right to change or add rules at any time. We also reserve the right to refuse access to any individual. If anybody is ejected for breaking the rules, they will not be refunded their ticket price.
LIABILITY: AuckLAN accepts zero liability for any damage(s) incurred to users equipment at the event. It is the users responsibility to have in place appropriate power protection for their connected devices, secure all equipment when not present and exercise reasonable caution throughout the event.